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Help Reduce Surgical Site Infection Rates And Treatment Costs For High-risk Patients

The TYRX™ family of antibacterial devices is designed to help you achieve your goal of reducing infections in high-risk patients and controlling infection-related costs. Medtronic Infection Control is committed to improving patient care, to lowering costs, to increasing confidence in patient outcomes, and to helping reduce Surgical Site Infections (SSIs) in your patients.

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All Medtronic TYRX™ Infection Control Products are protected under one or more of these patents:


U.S. Nos. 8315700, 8591531.
European (FR)(IE)(DE)(GB)(ES)(IT)(BE)(NL) patent no. 1484080B1.
European (FR)(DE)(GB)(IE)(IT)(BE)(ES)(NL) patent no. EP1028774B1.
European (GB)(FR)(IE)(DE)(CH)(NL) patent no. 1908490B1.


Medtronic TYRX™ owns or licenses an additional 70 patent applications worldwide covering proprietary products targeting cardiovascular, cosmetic surgical applications and other pharmaceutical applications.